Manufacture of advertising magnets

The printed soft magnet is a high-performance "off-media" advertising object. Indeed, its flat and smooth surface allows high-definition four-color printing and at the same time the magnet is an advertising gadget that amuses, delights children ... and adults. Especially since there is now a real social practice of magnets displayed in the office and in the apartments for memos, emergency numbers, supplier advertisements, institutional communication. We carry out all kinds of magnets for your advertising. Of course these designs are valid for: individuals, professionals, communication agencies, small and medium-sized enterprises, ... The magnet there is a single spelling but often the Internet users make some mistake, so it is not uncommon to see the magnet word written like this: magnets, magnets, magnet of fridge, but not only. Of course, when talking about magnets we also think of: soft magnets, magnetic posters, stickers and other magnets of fridge. Idea Flexible magnets for business cards, announce, ...


We have already made magnets in enormous and very small quantities for very diverse uses, for example:

    Magnets business cards for pizza delivery companies and other home restorations
    Magnets business cards for business people, they put their advertising and their phone to the customer
    Magnet calendar with ads on defined geographical territory, for publishers of advertising media
    Maps of cities in magnets, with advertisements for publishers of advertising media
    Useful numbers and emergency numbers in magnets for towns and villages, public or private publishers
    Advertisements magnet cinema with cutting form diffused by targeted mailing
    Magnet advertising object for newspapers and magazines including Charlie Hebdo!
    Magnet gift item for fast food chain
    Magnets original wedding invitation
    Magnets birth announcement remarkable
    Magnetic Board Printers

On the other hand if you are looking for neodimium magnet find them in the menu above. Our magnets benefit from exceptional design quality through the choice of raw materials proven for more than 10 years. Our in-house manufacturing allows our customers eager to get their magnetic communication as soon as possible to be satisfied. Whether you are an individual looking for magnets for a wedding or birth announcement or a professional wanting to print a business magnet calendar or magnets for car, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and speed of 123-


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